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Art in 5 Minutes: Marianne Stokes

Angels entertaining the Holy Child by Marianne Stokes
  Madonna and Child by Marianne Stokes

Marianne Stokes (1855-1927) was an Austrian painter. She started her career as an artist under the tutelage of Pascal Jean Dagnan Bouveret( 1852-1928) , Gustave Courtois ( 1853-1923) and Jules Bastian Lepage.  One can recognized their influence in her choice of the subject matter from rustic sceneries to mystical religious compositions.   She met her future husband in England, Adrian Scott( 1854-1935) a landscape painter.  Childless, the couple main interest was their artistic pursuits .  Their journey took them in Italy, Netherlands and Hungary, and she also developed an interest in tempera as a result.  In 1848, the pre-Raphaelite movement was created, and once again Marianne Stokes found a great source of inspiration, she changed medium from oil to tempera and gesso. Her paintings are designed as flat sceneries reminding the viewer of medieval artist, such as Giotto.  She joined the Royal Watercolor Society, her husband ended up being the vice president of the Society.  She died in London in 1927.

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refurnish your sink

When we moved into our new house, I loved our custom sink .  What I didn't love was that it was 20 years old , all scracht up and almost impossible to replace. The easiest solution was to have it refurbished.   This has to be done by professional.  A porceleine sink  will first be sanded , then painted, holes,scratches will be putted.  The last step is to seal the sink.  The area has to be protected and well aired. The result is stunning.     Before:

This process avoids complication one can encountered to changed a custom sink. It is well worth it.

Things I learnt in July

1-Mail please? At the creation of Huntsville in Alabama, habitants used to have to read the newspaper to learn if they had mail.  The post-office was founded much latter.

2-Missed opportunities: it is so sad to think that sometimes we miss opportunities to express our gratitude, love before it is too late.

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4- After being disappointed in my last two reads, I am changing strategy and  I am going to tackle a list of the greatest work( fiction and non-fiction) this one :   This is a personal challenge however if you want to join me ,leave a comment.

5- May your morning be bright and beautiful!


A welcome sight for August

. "The deeds you do may be the only sermon some persons will hear today."

St Francis of Assisi