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What I learned in January

1-  Everyday,take 15 minutes to learn on a new subject.  You can even start the 15 minute Scholar challenge from this blog:

2-   Everyday, take 15 to 30 minutes in order to tackle a messy corner in your house. Put a timer on if necessary.

3-    Reading a small devotional quote will help to start the day.  I enjoy this one:
The key is to not overdo it .  One email a day is enough.

4-   Seek the beauty in the ordinary.

I am linking up with Emily P. Freeman

A Bientot!

Wednesday post: Mary Cassatt

Mary Cassatt (1844-1912) was an American Impressionist painter and print maker.  She is well known for depicting ordinary family life.  Her favorite theme was the special relationship between mother and child.  It allows the viewer to have a glimpse into an intimate part of the subject's private world.  It can be a great starting point for the introduction of one's children to Fine Arts.  They can easily relate to the subject matter and one could readily begin an interesting conversation about the difference in the life of children today and in the 19th Century.

For more resources:
-study unit
-a cute preschooler book

A bientot!

On the 23rd of January 2016, Unterlinden Museum in Colmar, France reopened its doors to the general public.  Their major attraction is the Isenheim altarpiece by the German painter Matthias Grunewald (c.1470 - August 31, 1528).  This rather obscure painter ignored the Renaissance classicism of his time in order to pursue the earlier Medieval style.  The Isenheim altarpiece is his most famous work.  Commissioned around 1512 by the Monastery St Antoine, it was displayed in the hospital wing, which specialized in plague and skin diseases.  Christ is shown as having plague like sores all over his body.  This was meant to serve as a vivid reminder to the patients that Christ understood their sufferings and gave them Christian hope.

A bientot!