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What I learned in January

1-  Everyday,take 15 minutes to learn on a new subject.  You can even start the 15 minute Scholar challenge from this blog:

2-   Everyday, take 15 to 30 minutes in order to tackle a messy corner in your house. Put a timer on if necessary.

3-    Reading a small devotional quote will help to start the day.  I enjoy this one:
The key is to not overdo it .  One email a day is enough.

4-   Seek the beauty in the ordinary.

I am linking up with Emily P. Freeman

A Bientot!

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refurnish your sink

When we moved into our new house, I loved our custom sink .  What I didn't love was that it was 20 years old , all scracht up and almost impossible to replace. The easiest solution was to have it refurbished.   This has to be done by professional.  A porceleine sink  will first be sanded , then painted, holes,scratches will be putted.  The last step is to seal the sink.  The area has to be protected and well aired. The result is stunning.     Before:

This process avoids complication one can encountered to changed a custom sink. It is well worth it.

Things I learnt in July

1-Mail please? At the creation of Huntsville in Alabama, habitants used to have to read the newspaper to learn if they had mail.  The post-office was founded much latter.

2-Missed opportunities: it is so sad to think that sometimes we miss opportunities to express our gratitude, love before it is too late.

3- How productive are you and does it matter in front of God? on going conversation...

4- After being disappointed in my last two reads, I am changing strategy and  I am going to tackle a list of the greatest work( fiction and non-fiction) this one :   This is a personal challenge however if you want to join me ,leave a comment.

5- May your morning be bright and beautiful!

Be still and listen:)

Now for some fun portraits, I would love the horse one:) A bientot!